23rd September to 16th October
Keighley Creative (map)
Open Mondays and Thursdays - 11-3pm, and Saturdays 10-4pm

Jess Kidd & Letty McHugh explore questions of value and celebrate stories connected to the Worth Valley in an exhibition featuring painting, text & installation.
A Morning in Keighley, no.3 by Jess Kidd
A Morning in Keighley, no.3 by Jess Kidd

Jess Kidd is a multi-disciplinary artist with a current focus on painting. She grew up in Keighley and studied Fine Art at Central St Martins, London. After moving back to Keighley Jess was inspired to begin experimenting with landscape painting for the first time. Simultaneously she was becoming frustrated with people bad-mouthing her hometown - Something that had been an accepted ‘norm’ growing up here. She decided to apply the theory she was learning from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), to her art practice. CBT works with the idea that thoughts, feelings, behaviour and people's physical reactions are all interlinked. At first this started as a tool to help Jess challenge negative thoughts and push her creative practice further – turning her attention away from the internal anxieties around being successful and instead focus on enjoying the creative process. However Jess was soon inspired to focus on the subject matter of Keighley itself.

In her current collection of paintings, Jess is showing Keighley in the context of the surrounding landscape. How does an image of a place affect the lives of people living within it? If she outwardly shows that Keighley is worth making art about, could she challenge people's thoughts and feelings about it and encourage us to celebrate and value the place where we live?

This is Your Inheritance by Letty McHugh
This is Your Inheritance by Letty McHugh

Letty McHugh is an artist and writer who has always called the Worth Valley home. Letty works in a wide variety of media, including film, print and textiles. Her work explores the universality of personal experience, which is basically the intellectual way of saying she is interested in people, their stories and the things that connect us all. Letty has spoken at Tate Exchange, London, delivered a workshop for the National Maritime Museum and wrote the essay that appeared on the Keighley Creative windows in Winter 2020, but that's enough showing off.

For Worth, Letty is showing This is Your Inheritance a long-running interactive project created to commemorate and celebrate the domestic textile skills of women which are routinely ignored and undervalued by society. The project involved over 130 women and culminated in an installation of ten banners and a companion book. Letty is particularly excited to show this installation in Keighley as many of the participants who generously shared stories and objects for the project also call this area home. The stories told in the project of women using textile skills to survive and thrive is part of Keighley’s history. For more info visit -

Keighley Creative is an accessible exhibition space and just short walk from Keighley bus station.