“I have always been interested in art as a way of communicating. Communication can come in many forms and often what is left unsaid is just as, if not more, important than what is said.”
"When I grow up, I want to be a dog."
As a young child I had difficulty talking but my patient and loving mother filled my life with fun and creative things to do. As I grew into an awkward teenager I learnt how I could use art to express myself, and during my Fine Art degree course at Central Saint Martins, I explored language theory.

I have spent several years working with people in different communities of all ages and backgrounds and have huge respect for Art Therapy. It is therapy itself that brought me back to my art in recent years where once again I used it as a tool, but this time for rehabilitation after suffering from the isolating effects of Tuberculosis.

Who is Tinda?
Who is Tinda?

Happy Tinda
I have always been intrigued by dogs, but it was not until this period of recovery from my illness that a small scruffy wild creature came into my life. Tinda was a complex, troubled and misunderstood terrier but she was critical to my physical and emotional recovery. I cannot express enough the enrichment she brought to my life.

Tinda naturally became a subject to study through painting, and reignited my passion once more. I used this fascination with, and understanding of dogs to expand my work to other people's stories and relationships with their own canine companions. To me, the communication and understanding that can be built up between a human and a canine companion is fascinating and awe inspiring. Body language and energy alone can say so much.

The time I have spent doing this has helped me strengthen my skills and understanding. Now I am learning more and more about the art world and how to interact with it. I love nature and my husband works as an Area Ranger for the National Trust, so it is no wonder I am now developing an interest in landscapes which is being stimulated by his new job at the beautiful Hardcastle Crags.We have recently come back to live in West Yorkshire, and the beauty of the landscape continues to inspire my practice.

Rising up from the Damp
Rising up from the Damp