If you are interested in having a personal painting commissioned simply contact me and we can begin the process.

I will work with you to understand and express the character or atmosphere you want to portray. I can work from photographs, videos, descriptions or real life.

The cost of the commission will depend upon the size and detail of the piece of work, but is usually in the region of £200 to £700. All the materials I use are Archival and you will receive your original fine art piece with a certificate of authenticity. The time it takes for me to paint your piece can depend on several things. When you first enquire, I will inform you of any projects I already have lined up and give you an approximate date when I can begin. Then, when I start your painting, I will let you know and you should receive your painting within 3-4 weeks from then.

If you would like to discuss your commission or would like any other information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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