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Hamish the labradoodle guide dog

02 July 2018

The painting of Hamish was a Christmas present to us. We have just received it and it is perfect. The eyes have been captured perfectly and the detail of his collar and his fur colour is so accurate - I never believed a painting could be so good. This painting is on our lounge wall and will be a lasting memory of Ian’s first guide dog as he is due to retire soon.We are keeping him but at his age we have to accept he will not be with us in the flesh for ever. The painting however will be ??????????
Helen and Ian Drysdale


02 March 2018

I contacted Jess to do me a picture for my girlfriend's birthday of our dog that we unfortunately lost recently. I cannot tell you just how fantastically Jess has managed to capture the expression and look that our Poppy had, she honestly could not have done a better job and I would recommend anyone to trust Jess to give you the fantastic results that you would be hoping for when getting a piece like this! Thank you Jess!!

Roly and Ripley

28 March 2017

Jessie recently painted our two much loved red setters. We are very impressed at how she has captured the individual characters of our dogs and and her high level of skill and professionalism.

We can't recommend Jessie and her work highly enough and she has provided us with a really special keepsake!
Eleanor Kellett


07 March 2017

My daughter gave me a print for Christmas by Jess. It was of a terrier, a reminder of our late dog, Georgie. It was stunning and so life like. I would thoroughly recommend her work, she is a very talented lady.
Jean Stebbing

Go / Mr Skip

06 March 2017

I purchased two beautiful prints. The paintings were charming and really captured the character of the dogs. The prints were an ideal size and gorgeous quality. They arrived really quickly and just in time for Christmas. Jess is a very talented lady. Thank you!


02 March 2017

My Dad and our family dog Max were simpley one of the greatest man to dog bonds I have ever seen. It was phenomenal and truly telling of the saying 'Mans best friend'.
It was my fathers birthday and after seeing one of Jess's paintings she had done for my best friend I knew exactly what to get him.
I approached Jess who was more than happy to paint Max. One of the things I loved was, she didn't just ask for one photo and simply copy it. Jess wanted a range of different photos so she could really understand Max and his character, which obviously really helped her portray him on to the canvas as the final result was breath taking to say the least.
Unfortunately, Max passed away just before my Dad's birthday and one night whilst I was sat comforting him he said "I wish I had a nice picture of him to hang up." which then made this gift all the more meaningful and little did he know, he did.
We have the portrait to my Dad on his birthday and his reaction spoke for itself. He clutched it to his chest with tears rolling down his face and said "it's just like him, thank you so much."
I asked Jess to paint Max months before my Dad's birthday and his passing made me feel that this was fate.
I am so glad I asked Jess to do this for me. The picture is a carbon copy of him, when you look in to his eyes it's like he's looking right back at you. The texture of his fur looks so real, it's astonishing. Jess is obviously a very, very talented young lady who I would highly recommend. She captured our family dog perfectly in her work and now we reap the benefits, looking up at that wall every day and knowing we had such a beautiful dog and the most beautiful memorial painting to remember him by. I can't thank Jess enough for what she did, for the time spent and the effort and the care that has gone in to this amazing artwork. Thank you.
Stephanie Lambert


28 February 2017

Jess painted Simba, our wonderful, much loved golden retriever, from a photograph. We were absolutely delighted with it - she captured his spirit and personality perfectly through an amazing likeness - if he'd been able to sit for her it couldn't have been more perfect! Both the emotion and mood in the painting are remarkable and makes us smile each time we see it.
Angela Leigh