Big Screen!!

Big Screen
Public Art!

On the theme of Animals, Wildlife and Nature, myself and five other artists will have their work displayed in Bradford's Centenary Square's, Big Screen.
Centenary Square is a public space in the heart of Bradford City Centre. It has many things for people to enjoy, such as restaurants, coffee shops, bars, art galleries and a beautiful large mirror pool reflecting the historic City Hall, where children can paddle or dodge the fountains. The square holds markets and food festivals, and is always a busy bustling atmosphere. I am therefore very excited to announce that I will be exhibiting three of my paintings, on the Big Screen!
Centenary Square Mirror Pool

The Big Screen is a very large, TV type screen showing a mix of cultural and sporting content, national and local news and hosts events such as film festivals and exhibitions. Click here to find out more. Thanks to the collaboration between Not Just Hockney and Bradford UNESCO City of Film, six artists get the chance to show three pieces of their work, everyday for two months. The artists involved must have been born, live or work in the Metropolitan District of Bradford. The scaled up images on screen will brighten up the busy square - what a great way to celebrate local creativity, and the resourcefulness of Bradfordians, whilst perhaps cheering up someone’s day and engaging the public in great local art.

Mr Skip
Mr Skip

This project should reach around 17,000 visitors a day who pass through the square from all walks of life. I like the fact it could engage people who might not necessarily think they want to or have time to visit an art gallery. I will be exhibiting three personal paintings to me, Mr Skip, Maisy and Tractor View. I felt that these best represented my style of work, expressing contemplation. There will be six artists work shown in total, all in the theme of, Animals, Wildlife and Nature. Our work will be shown every day from 12.30pm and run for approximately eight minutes, showing each painting one at a time so that each artist will have about a minute of screen time each. Each artist will have a brief profile at the start of their section and finish with a slide which gives their contact details.


You will be able to see our work from Thursday the 1st March till the 30th April.

Centenary Square is just a short walk from Bradford Foster Square station and an even shorter walk from Bradford Interchange. There are many other attractions close to the Big Screen, such as the Impressions Gallery, the Alhambra Theatre and the National Science and Media museum, not to mention Bradford's wide selection of shops, bars and restaurants. You can find Centenary Square next to Bradford City Hall, BD1 1SD.

Tractor View
Tractor View