Ilkley Art Trail 2017!

Ilkley Arts
60 great artists exhibiting high quality contemporary art and crafts across 30 venues around Ilkley, Addingham and Burley in Wharfedale.
Ilkley Arts Banner

A really uplifting and motivational event. Everybody, from the organisers to the general public were so enthusiastic, engaging and supportive. This was a great experience for me to learn about how to talk about my work to a variety of people. As the week progressed I felt my confidence grow. There was a lot of energy across the town, with a variety of work being exhibited in all sorts of venues. A great way to explore this beautiful historic West Yorkshire town!

View of Ilkley

If you don't know Ilkley already, it is a great place to visit, with many small independent shops, restaurants and cafes, including the famous Betty's tearoom and beautiful surrounding hills steeped in history. Ilkey Arts is a small charity run by volunteers. It holds events and workshops throughout the year, and also has studios available for local artists. It has also recently taken over the running of Manor House museum/gallery space. I felt like there was a great creative community in Ilkley and wished I lived nearer!

The Trail ran for four days in early October. I displayed my work in the amazing Toy Museum! This was a really interested space to exhibit work. I had enough space and light to exhibit my work in it's own right, however the cabinets of many different dolls and teddies which surrounded us created a contemplative atmosphere, with all the stories behind each toy resonating throughout the room. The venue was very central within the town, which was great as not only did we get Art Trail visitors but also the general public who either stumbled upon the sign to come in or were visiting the Toy Museum. We had visitors of all ages, and I'd highly recommend visiting the Toy Museum, which is also dementia friendly, although please note, there is no disabled access to the upstairs of the museum.

Ilkley Display

I shared the Toy Museum with Hattie Clark, a freelance illustrator from Ilkley, who recently graduated from Bath School of Art and Design. She exhibited a range of her fun bright prints. My favourite was called Fringe Problem!
Fringe Problem

From looking at the other artists work on display around the town, I felt really inspired by Mike Smith's linocuts of birds. I loved his scratchy textures and soft colours. Peregrine Falcon, is an original, hand printed, limited edition reduction linocut and is available to buy here.
Peregrine Falcon