About Me

I am a professional artist living and working in the North of England. I studied at Central Saint Martins, London, and I am always looking to improve my skills and awareness of what art can be.

At work in my studio
My art practice has re-emerged recently after a personal journey of recovery from serious illness. I am regaining my confidence in my technique and my practice is evolving as I understand what it is I want to explore.

I am inspired by characters, emotions or stories – moments to capture and appreciate in life which can pass by very quickly and be so fragile. Objects, places, people we love, moments in time. I am a quiet contemplative observer of a dynamic world.

I like to experiment with texture, focus and colour to give images energy and bring them to life. I often use mixed media to achieve what it is I want to express in a piece.

About Me

You can see what kind of work I’ve done so far by browsing my portfolio, and if you would like to read more you can read my story. Please to not hesitate to contact me for any more information.