About Me

I am inspired by art that provokes people to reconsider the familiar.

About Me
I am a Yorkshire Artist, whose practice has re-emerged after a long period of recovery from serious illness during my mid-20s. On this site I will share work, both past and present, as my art journey is intrinsic to where I am today.

I am currently exploring Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in relation to my art practice. CBT teaches you how to challenge negative thoughts. I am exploring this through both the process of me creating (helping me to gain confidence in my work) and the subject matter (challenging the assumptions and stereotypes of many people about my home-town Keighley - how does the image of a place affect the lives of the people living in it?).

Studying art at various different places has given me the chance to explore different art forms, including sculpture, installation and film. Recently, however, I have returned to the tactile/sensory and instinctive process of painting. As a young child I had difficulty talking but my parents encouraged me to be creative and I soon learnt how powerful art could be to aid communication. This has instilled in me a deep connection with art and it has always been such an important part of my life. I went on to study conversation theory in my 4D Fine Art degree at Central Saint Martins.

I love to experiment, play with and manipulate materials, and am driven by a passionate intention to convey my interpretations of reality. You can see what kinds of work I’ve done so far by browsing my selected work. Please to not hesitate to contact me for any more information.